Signs That Termites may be Invading Your Home

Termites are a common pest that will quickly take over your home. There are also many misconceptions about a termite looks like and the various signs they leave around your home. The presence of termites is not always immediately obvious. It can take time for them to damage areas of your home. They will work on exterior and interior parts of your home. These pests feed on wood products and can do a huge amount of damage. Here are some signs that termites may be invading your home. When noticed it is essential to begin having your home treated by a professional pest management company.

The most common sign of Termites in Phoenix AZ is the presence of swarms. This usually occurs sometime during the spring months. Most homeowners who discover the pests will also notice there are dead bugs around the window sills and sashes. Some of them will die when trying to escape. Just because dead ones are found does not mean the problem is solved. You will still need to seek the help of a professional exterminator.

Hollow or damaged wood is another sign that termites are invading your space. You can check the wood surfaces in and around your home by taking a knife and sticking the surface to see if it caves. If that happens then you can just about bet that you have an infestation of Termites in Phoenix AZ.

Seeing dirt particles in wood is another positive sign that termites are working hard to do a great deal of damage to your home. The darkened areas of the wood may be mistaken for water damage. Termites will work extensively on the wood which brings particles of dirt to the surface. When you see this it’s time to have an inspection done by a professional pest control company.

To discover more about the signs of termites you may. A professional will be more than happy to discuss the situation with you. They will also inspect your home to determine if you in fact have a termite infestation. After a determination has been made, these professionals will be able to treat your home and rid your home of these pests.

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