Should You Take The Plunge Into Embroidered Apparel For Employees?

Many business owners are torn about the idea of having employees wear some type of uniform. However, this is typically the case when the manager or business owner is thinking of uniforms in the traditional sense of the word.

The issue around uniforms today is that employees, as well managers, want to have the ability to wear clothing that is comfortable. Most employees are going to choose dress shirts or polo shirts for everyday wear in a great many types of retail, service and even office environments.

Providing the employees with the ability to choose embroidered apparel that meets the office or retail guidelines for the dress code as well as offer a tax deduction is a way to resolve all issues and still allow a good level of individual freedom. It also offers some very positive factors for the business.

The Branding Factor

Branding may be the latest buzzword, but it is a very real factor in marketing a business. By having everyone wearing the same type of embroidered apparel, all of your customers will readily identify employees in your business.

As well as just identification, this constant presentation of the corporate logo and the company name and colors when the customer is in the store does have an impact on branding. While it is subtle, it is also powerful, creating a link between the positive experiences of the customer with your company brand.

Workplace Culture

Most people have had the experience of working in a company or a retail outlet where there was no corporate culture or uniformity. This makes it very difficult for employees to feel a part of the team.

It can also make it challenging for new employees to identify managers and vice versa. With the use of specific colors and styles of embroidered apparel, it becomes easy for everyone to recognize coworkers and managers.

Of course, having a standard look also creates a culture of professionalism. Employees have the knowledge that when they put on that shirt, they are now representing the company.

This, in turn, creates a sense of teamwork. Uniforms have been used throughout history to create a sense of belonging and group effort, something that can still be tapped into today. Unlike the uniforms of before, with embroidered polos and shirts they can be classy, stylish and also very practical.

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