A Short History of St. Petersburg, FL

Peter Demens and John Williams-from Saint Petersburg and Detroit, respectively-were the original co-founders of St. Petersburg, Florida. Williams bought the land and started building the town, but it was Demens who is credited with bringing the railroad through-which ensured the growth of the town after 1888. A unique date cemented the birth of the city when it was incorporated during a leap year. The date of February 29th 1892 went down in the town’s history and at the time the small, three hundred strong population was all the town had. Nowadays the local population is around two hundred and fifty thousand and growing.

Climate has a lot to do with why people visit or locate to Florida. With an average of three hundred and sixty days of sun each year the State has average summer temperatures of one hundred degrees-St. Petersburg also having averages of one hundred degrees. For this reason one of the most popular home appliances that people install and monitor are their air conditioning units and systems. Because the Florida climate is not that cold HVAC systems are rarely used to heat the home, but they should still be maintained and serviced regularly to make sure they stay working at their optimum capacity.

Finding a Pro to Take care of the AC in your home

When it breaks down a professional will be able to conduct air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg or any other Florida town and city. They will help to replace parts, treat and clean the condenser coil, check all your filters and any other moving parts, clean the condensation drain and prevent algae growth with chemical treatments. The benefits of having a reliable service for your own home air conditioning system is that you can have support whenever you need it and someone to come out in a hurry if necessary. It is always advisable to service or check the appliance a minimum of once a year, if not more. Twice is usually the average, just before winter and just before summer. Get recommendations from your family or friends who know a good service technician or company so that you know they are reliable and trustworthy and honest.

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