Why a Service Agreement with the Right Heating and Cooling Service in Centreville VA Makes Sense

It is not enough to identify a local Heating and Cooling Service in Centreville VA, that the homeowner can call when something is wrong. Savvy owners will go one step further and enter into a service agreement with the provider. Here are some of the reasons why this approach makes sense.

Free Service and Support

Just about any type of agreement with a Heating and Cooling Service in Centreville VA, will include a limited amount of free service and support. Typically, the homeowner is provided with one free inspection during the calendar year. The terms may also include a specified number of free service calls over the next twelve-month period. In some cases, the amount of free support offered with a one-year contract will easily offset the cost of making a monthly payment on that agreement.

Discounted Cost for Covered Events

Most service contracts will include discounted pricing for events specified in the terms of those agreements. For example, the need to replace a certain component may come with the benefit of paying a reduced rate for the purchase of that part. At other times, the terms may include discounts on the labor cost associated with the repair. These benefits help to further increase the value of the agreement and save the client money.

Priority Service

It is not unusual for customers who have agreements in place to be granted priority service. That can come in handy if the heating and cooling system fails during the middle of a hot summer night. Rather than having to sweat it out, the client can call for help and someone will be dispatched as soon as possible. The terms may even provide cost breaks for services rendered outside of standard business hours.

For homeowners who are serious about maintaining their heating and cooling systems, securing a service contract with a reliable provider is the way to go. Once the agreement is in place, make the most of the benefits provided. Doing so will help keep the system in proper working order and make it possible to continue operating the unit for more years.

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