Septic Tank Cleaning in Bangor PA A Must For Efficient Systems

Septic tank cleaning in Bangor PA is much like the type of cleaning that our bodies do for themselves.  Our body will keep itself clean with the natural bacteria that it produces; the septic tank works on the same idea, using the natural bacterium that comes down the system to decompose the human waste.

The septic tank system that is used in most homes in the U.S. is like a miniature sewage treatment system. In the U.S. 25% of homeowners who live in rural areas rely on septic tank systems, as they have no connection to the town or city sewer pipes.  This periodic preventative maintenance and cleaning of the septic tank cleaning in Bangor PA is recommended once every 5-10 years. This cleaning removes all the irreducible solids that settle and gradually accumulate.  This accumulation impedes the efficiency of the septic tank system.  The septic tank system cleans itself with natural bacteria, but at times the system will fail if too many anti-bacterial products find their way into the system.  These might include bleach, oils, lotions, medicines, and especially antibacterial soaps and sanitizers.  All these products can build up and stop the system from operating effectively.  Solid waste will build up and sludge will form on the surface of the tank.  Flushing a pouch of natural bacteria down into the system will alleviate this problem in many instances.  In other instances, a complete flush and cleaning of the system is required.

When it is determined that septic cleaning in Bangor PA is required, the septic tank cleaning company will pull their tanker truck as close to the septic tank as possible.  Hoses are then inserted into the access areas and the waste is pumped out.  After the tank is empty, it is then hosed out making sure that all the waste is gone.  This too is pumped into the truck.  The septic tank filters are also checked, cleaned, and replaced as needed.  These filters are critical as they keep the solid waste from moving to the second tank where the water is filtered out into the lower ground level.

Once the septic tank cleaning in Bangor PA is completed, the pre-packaged bacteria is added to get the system running smoothly again.  Even though there is this 5-10 year recommendation by law for maintenance and upkeep in most areas, it is not enforced. Those who ignore this cleaning process can land up with costly repairs in their hands.  A properly maintained system can last for many years.

Make sure that your septic tank cleaning in Bangor PA is done at regular intervals. Keep your system running smoothly for years by septic tank cleaning Bangor PA .


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