Selecting A Wedding Venue In Queens

It is the wish of most of us to have offspring and then to live to see the day when they get married. Things don’t always turn out as we wish them to; but, fortunately, many of us do get to organize and attend our children’s weddings. When this happens to those of us living in the New York borough of Queens, this means that, one day, we may find ourselves having to find and select a suitable wedding venue in Queens. Here are some of the factors that will affect tour choice:-

  • What size of venue do you need? Obviously, the more the wedding guests; the bigger the venue needs to be to accommodate them all.
  • Will the ceremony and the reception be held at the same place? If not, the reception venue should be near to where the wedding ceremony takes place – be it church or other place of worship.
  • If you are holding the ceremony and reception at the same place, does it have facilities suitable for segregating the solemn aspect from the “party” that follows and does it recognise your particular religious and cultural background?
  • Likewise, for the wedding feast, can they cater to your ethnic origins?
  • Will guests arriving by car be able to easily find parking space? For others, is the venue near to public transport?
  • Is the venue photogenic for the wedding video and photograph album? If it is then it will probably impress everyone so much that they only take away good memories.
  • Does the venue have modern audio visual facilities to enhance the speeches about the happy couple’s background and how they came together?

This list could go further but it does give an indication of what you need to investigate and check out if you are looking for a wedding venue in Queens. And, of course, there is always “the bottom line” of “is it within your budget”? Fortunately, these days, many people have thrown over the old idea that the father of the bride has to pay for everything! Anyway, regardless of who is paying, no one wants to skimp on wedding arrangements and risk spoiling the happy couple’s big day – which, it is to hoped, only happens once in their lifetimes.

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