Seek Dental Care in Haleiwa for Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the biggest reasons people seek Dental Care in Haleiwa. Since tooth pain can be caused by different reasons, it is important to see the dentist to find the cause. In some cases, pain can be caused by a serious condition. Seeing the dentist immediately can help to prevent severe damage to the teeth and will allow for proper treatment to be carried out.

Common causes of tooth pain include:

* Cavities are one of the biggest causes of tooth pain. Most people are not aware they have a cavity right away, since no symptoms are present. As the cavity begins to invade the inner portions of the tooth, the nerve becomes involved. Once the nerve is inflamed and aggravated, a person can begin to experience moderate to severe pain. The sooner a cavity is treated, the less likely permanent damage will occur. This can help to save a tooth from death.

* Tooth pain can sometimes be caused by an abscess. Abscesses occur when a cavity goes untreated and pus begins to build up in the soft tissues of the tooth. An abscess can be a serious condition and should never be ignored. This type of infection can permanently damage the tooth and can affect the health of other teeth. Tooth infections have also been known to spread to the heart, where they can cause life-threatening reactions. Abscesses are treated through drainage procedures and antibiotic therapy. In many cases, a root canal must also be performed so the tooth can be saved.

* Many people experience pain in their tooth when they have a tooth injury. In some cases, a person can become injured and be unaware. When damage occurs to the tooth, the nerve can become exposed. When this occurs, pain will begin and can sometimes be severe. If you are experiencing pain that does not cease, you need Dental Care in Haleiwa.

If you are experiencing tooth pain that does not end or does not respond well to pain medication, it is important to see the dentist as soon as possible. Contact your dentist and schedule an appointment right away so your pain can be relieved.

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