Roofing Contractors in Pewaukee, WI May Recommend Roof Paint

Although roof paint is commonly used on flat roofs, some homeowners use it on clay tile, wooden shingles and other types of roofing materials. There are two major types of roof paint: specialty exterior latex and acrylic based paints. Most manufactures make roof paint in common colors such as brown, grey, white, green and black.The purpose of roof paint is purely for aesthetic purposes, and not to fix any leaks or other structural damage on the roof. Read on to understand more about roof paint as explained by Roofing Contractors in Pewaukee WI.

Roof coating

Many home owners are not familiar with elastomeric roof coatings. This type of coating is mainly used on flat roofs that use vinyl, gravel, rubber or tar and can help in improving the overall condition of the roof. When applied on the roof, the elastomeric coating forms an insulating watertight membrane over the roof’s surface. The coating is normally white in color. The major benefit of such coating is that it reflects much of the sun’s heat and light, and this helps in reducing temperatures inside the house.

Preparation for painting

The first step in your preparation is to confirm whether painting the roof will void any product warranties. The second thing is to ensure that there is moderate outside temperature. The temperature should not be too cold or too hot so that the paint can dry evenly and properly. Roofing Contractors in Pewaukee WI always remove any debris from the roof and clean the dirt or rust to make sure that the surface is ready for painting.

Roof painting

Many roofing companies do not encourage painting on asphalt shingles. The major reason given is that the paint may look uneven and sometimes causes the shingle’s top layer of granules to fall off. To avoid this, you should use latex type of paint which should be sprayed to form a thin layer coating.

If you are considering roof painting, approach a reputable company to help you with the project. Contact a good company like Waukesha roofing. Visit the Website for more details. The company has qualified contractors who can deliver quality work.

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