The Role of an Audiologist in Baltimore

If you have experienced hearing loss over time, you know how frustrating this can be. Fortunately, not everyone has to experience the difficulties of not hearing properly. There many different treatable conditions that can be the cause of your hearing loss and by visiting the right medical professionals, you can have a better handle on the problem that you’re suffering from. The first step will be to visit your general physician. However, if the hearing problem is more pronounced, he or she will likely refer you to a specialist. Many times, you will visit a medical facility that is dedicated to hearing issues and you will likely be treated by an Audiologist in Baltimore.

An audiologist is a professional that you might encounter at a place like the Hearing Specialty Group. These medical professionals have been trained to help treat certain hearing conditions. If you have experienced pronounced hearing loss, the audiologist will first determine how significant the hearing loss happens to be. From there, a physician will typically make a diagnosis and it will be the audiologist job to help initiate a treatment plan. Sometimes, a physician can simply prescribe certain drugs to help improve a person’s hearing, especially if that hearing is due to excess fluid build up within the inner ear. Other times, hearing aid devices and rehabilitation will need to take place in this is usually the job of the audiologist.

In addition, if there needs to be any sort of hearing assistance through hearing aids or other implants, the Audiologist in Baltimore will handle the determination as to which hearing aid is best suited for an individual patient. They will also handle the fitting of these hearing aids in order to make sure that the hearing aids fit properly inside or outside the ear so that they can be the most effective for the patient.

As you can see, an audiologist is an important person for you when it comes to hearing loss. Whether the hearing loss is temporary due to trauma to the ear or whether the hearing loss is something that will have to be managed for the rest of your life, and audiologist can help determine the level of hearing that has been lost, and they can help you to not only retain your hearing but to manage your hearing loss condition in the future.

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