Reviewing Options When Ordering An Air Conditioning Installation In Irving, TX

by | Jan 24, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

Texas homeowners have questions when it comes to ordering a new air conditioning unit. A professional air conditioning provider will take the time to answer these questions for homeowners. They’ll help the homeowner make these decisions with all the necessary information. Homeowners should start with the following questions about Air Conditioning Installation in Irving TX.

What are the Energy Efficiency Ratings

A review of the energy efficiency ratings for the unit helps homeowner choose a system that won’t increase their utility costs. Systems with a higher energy efficiency rating are tested for these probabilities. These ratings help repair technicians determine an estimate of the monthly energy consumption. This gives the homeowner a projection to calculate their monthly power expenses.

Is Financing Available for the Installation?

A new air conditioning installation is a major investment. Most homeowners will need some form of financing to cover these costs. They should inquire about the terms of these financing opportunities. This gives them information such as the projected interest rates, monthly payment, and the total balance they’ll pay for the system. These rates are based on the homeowner’s credit rating.

How Long is the Warranty Valid?

The duration of the warranty depends on the system chosen. Select options are valid for between ten and twenty years. These warranties entitle the homeowner to certain repairs if the system fails to operate properly. This may include the replacement of major components or the system itself.

Are Service Contracts Available?

Service contracts are available at a fee each year. The service contractor offers these contracts based on the requirements of homeowners. They cover certain services and repairs. Through the contracts the homeowner receives discounted rates and free services. The technicians explain these contracts to the homeowner before they buy them.

Texas homeowners need to review their options completely before ordering an Air Conditioning Installation in Irving TX. As they take on these new expenses, they must make decisions about the system type and how to maintain it. A professional service provider can help them with these needs. Homeowners who are ready to order a new air conditioning unit should contact Xtreme Air Services today.

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