Reveal Your Natural Glow at the Hair Salon in Monument

You deserve pampering. It may be once a week, twice a month, or for special occasions only, but part of feeling pampered is looking your best, from head to toe. You also want to avoid unnatural ingredients against your skin or in your hair. There are salons that understand that delicate balance, and specialize in using products that support your personal goals.

As part of the VEDA Salon and Spa, the hair salon in Monument provides hair services using Aveda products. They offer hair cutting and styling, but also provide specialty services some salons do not offer.


If your hair is too straight to hold a curl pattern or too frizzy to comb through, the professionals at the hair salon in Monument can perform permanent waves, body waves and relaxers to create your special look.


You may have found your first gray hair, or may have found that first gray years ago. With a new hair color, either complete or highlights and streaks, your hair can create drama, without seeming unnatural, with a deeper, richer tone or exquisite highlighting.


Deep conditioning leaves your scalp refreshed and stimulated while softening and strengthening your hair. Your Aveda stylist can choose the appropriate conditioner with plant based ingredients.

If you are getting ready for a special event, like a wedding, you can schedule appointments for bridal hair and make up. The VEDA Salon and Spa can work with the bride alone, or the whole wedding party, flower girl included. The staff can also arrange catering for your event.

Recovering from childbirth or a challenging illness? Consider one of the spa packages offered by the VEDA Salon and Spa. You can schedule:

* Sampler Package:

* You can schedule this for yourself and the man in your life. This package features a facial, manicure and a hair service. Make up application is provided for women.

* Day of Beauty:

* Lasting 4.5 hours, this package includes the Sampler Package plus lunch, a pedicure and Swedish massage.

* Ultimate Day of Rejuvenation:

* Lasting 6 hours, this package includes the Day of Beauty replacing the regular manicures and pedicures with paraffin manicures and pedicures. The Caribbean wrap replaces the Swedish massage.

Think about your next big event and how you want to impress anyone who looks in your direction. When you are ready to reveal your internal glow, make your appointment at the hair salon in Monument.

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