Repair or Replace Your Roof With Help From an Experienced Residential Roofing Company in Hanover, MD

Living in colder climates like those in Hanover area can be tough. Ice and snow is hard on a home and even tougher on its roof. For instance, during a snow storm the snow can accumulate on a home and put a lot of excess weight on the structure. Just as bad is when the snow melts and seeps under the shingles. Once the water gets into the roof it can freeze again and cause a lot of damage. This is because water expands as it freezes and this expansion can cause separation between the layers of shingles, between the shingles and felt roofing and in the decking. Ice will often accumulate around the eaves and work its way upward. It is often impossible to know that damage has been done without having the roof inspected.

A residential roofing company in Hanover, MD will provide inspection services for a nominal fee. If your roof has known problems, the roofers may perform the inspection as part of the repair. This often means that the roof inspection will be free of charge. As a bonus, they can find all the faults that your roof may have. There are times when a roof leaks and the owner doesn’t even realize it. Some roof leaks are very slow and the water simply soaks into the decking. While this may protect the rest of the home from harm, it can result in some very costly roof repairs. Repairing the deck usually requires that all the roof covering is removed. To access the underlying decking material the roofer will need to remove everything that is in the way.

Replacing the roof provides the homeowner with a chance to select an alternative roofing solution. One of the more advanced roof coverings is zinc galvanized steel. This product comes in stamped sheets and is designed to resemble practically every roofing material available. You can get steel roofing that resembles asphalt shingles, wood shake and even Mediterranean clay tiles. The primary benefit to using steel roofing is a service life of at least fifty years. If your home is in need of a residential roofing company in Hanover, MD, be sure to contact Business Name.

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