Remodeling Ideas That Excite Buyers

Painting the house or remodeling the entire kitchen are common projects when you want to sell your property. Although they’re viable choices, selecting other options might make more of a difference come open-house day. Think about the features that excite you. Update these features so that buyers will flock to your listing.

Revamping Kitchen-Lighting Concepts

Those long, fluorescent lights dangling above your kitchen floor are entirely outdated. They’re unsightly and cost a lot to power on a daily basis. Pull the fixture from this recessed area. Paint the space, add crown molding to it and pick out newer fixtures. By adding recessed or LED lighting, the kitchen looks updated without a major remodel. A general contractor in San Antonio can help you with this design element.

Creating Storage Spaces

Every buyer wants more storage in and around a property. Think of adding shelves, cabinets and other accents to nearly every room. Finish the attic, if possible, so that you can access it as a storage space. Areas of hallways and bathrooms are also critical, storage spaces. Being able to grab an item while hiding it from view is how an organized household operates.

Redefining the Garage

The garage is typically a darkened area for vehicles and storage. Think outside of the box with the help of a general contractor in San Antonio. Paint or tile the floor. Give the walls a fresh paint job too. The garage is an extension of the home. It accounts for a lot of square footage. Make it shine bright so that buyers think of your property when they’re ready to invest.

Explore your remodeling choices by contacting Shaw Company Remodeling at These professionals have the vision that you need for a perfected household. Your projects will be so fresh that buyers won’t be able to resist a bidding war.

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