Reliable Preventative Health Services and Pet Surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana

It is a scary thing when your pet becomes injured or ill and must have emergency surgery. You need to have a reliable pet care facility that can provide your pet with excellent medical care. The Dupont Veterinary Clinic has been providing this type of care to all types of animals for many years. If you need pet surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana, you can rely on a clinic to give your pet the best possible care necessary for it to regain good health once again.

When you take your pet to a clinic, a thorough examination will be done to help determine what type of care is needed. After the diagnosis is made, the veterinarian will provide you with the different options you have in treating your pet’s condition. Sometimes, surgery may be the only option that will ensure your pet can become healthy again. If this is an emergency situation, the surgery can begin right away. However, if it is not, an appointment will be made for the surgery if you choose to have this done.

Pet Surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana is not the only service that is available at a pet surgery facility. If you need to bring your pet in for preventative care or outpatient visits, these are also readily available. Services such as, vaccinations, general health tests, heartworm treatments and flea and tick prevention are some of the services that most pets receive at the clinic. The professional care providers work hard to ensure your pet is always in the best of health and lives a long, enjoyable life.

Even if your pet has always seemed healthy, it is a good idea to bring him in at least once a year for an annual checkup. At this time he can be given his vaccinations, put on a heartworm preventative and started on your choice of flea and tick prevention medications. By taking the proper precautions with your pet’s health, you may never find yourself needing to have emergency surgery performed on him. This is the best way to give your pet the happiest, healthiest life possible.


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