Reduce The Cost Of Air Conditioning Your Home

The cost of electricity does one thing, it goes up. Compare your utility bill last year to the bill this year at the same time; chances are very good it is higher. A wise homeowner can fight back. A good place to start is with the air conditioning. An air conditioner in Geneva is an expensive piece of equipment to operate, and air conditioning is a major contributor to greenhouse gas as well. There are three steps to take if you wish to control these ever-spiraling costs.

  • Keep the temperatures as high as you can without causing discomfort
  • Clean or replace filters regularly
  • Eliminate air leaks by sealing all gaps

Other steps can be taken to drive down the cost of air conditioning.

  • Use fans: When you listen to the weather report, you might hear the word “wind chill.” This term refers to what the human body feels when it is subjected to air moving across it. Fans are a wonderful way of circulating air through the home, and they cost a lot less to run.
  • Night temperatures: You want the windows closed during the day, however, open them just as the sun begins to set. Cool night air can enter the rooms; you can save money by increasing the thermostat setting, and you may find that the air conditioner doesn’t run for a few hours every night, which is a good way to save money.
  • Deflect heat: You might never be able to totally eliminate the cost of running an air conditioner in Geneva, but you can reduce the running time by deflecting heat. It is a good idea to install reflective film on south-facing windows; this material is very good at reducing sun generated heat as well as harmful UV rays.

There are other ways to reduce the number of hours you run an air conditioner in Geneva. Check the condition of the insulation in the attic, install an extractor fan in the kitchen, and use cool LED lighting.

An air conditioner in Geneva costs a considerable amount of money to operate. You can do a few simple things around the house to pare these costs; you can also ensure your air conditioner is operating at peak performance. For air conditioner maintenance, service and repair contact Blue Frost Heating and Cooling. Follow us on twitter.

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