Reasons You Need the Use Closed Captioning Services

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Business Services

When you think of closed captioning, you likely think of the controls on your TV that scroll the words across the bottom of your screen during certain shows. However, this isn’t the only way closed captioning services can be used. Instead, you may be able to use these services if you have someone in your family that is hard of hearing or completely deaf to allow them to experience the same things the rest of your family can.

Most shows offer closed captioning. If you happen to run into an older one that you think your family member will enjoy, you can have a professional create the closed captioning for you. Just because the network or movie producer didn’t think it was important to use closed captioning doesn’t mean that your family member is out of luck and won’t get to experience the show or movie.

Another option for using closed captioning services is to transcribe your own home videos so any family members who are hearing impaired can enjoy the videos with the rest of the family. You will be able to send your own home videos in to a professional who will listen to and watch the videos and transcribe the audio into text for you. They will then synchronize that text with your videos so you will get the same words you see on your television screen when you turn the closed captioning on.

If you are someone who produces video content for the Internet, posting them to your own website or websites, such as YouTube, you may want to use a professional to create closed captioning for your videos. This will help you to expand your audience and increase the number of people who will be able to watch your videos. If these videos relate to a business you are trying to run, you will be able to build a larger customer base you might not otherwise reach.

Professional closed captioning services can be used for a wide range of video types. If you run into a movie or television show that doesn’t offer closed captioning or you have a television that doesn’t support it, you may be able to find someone who can create the closed captioning for you. The same technology can be used to add these captions to your own home videos, as well as any videos you create for the purpose of posting on the Internet and reaching a large audience.


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