Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Prehung Doors

One of the most common reasons people buy prehung doors over slab doors is the ease of installation. This is certainly true for an interior door in a newer home without any type of structural problems or issues with foundation problems.

However, many people make the assumption that there is absolutely no difficulty or challenge to installing prehung doors and that anyone can do it in any home and for any door. In reality, installing these doors, especially with exterior doors and with older homes with some settling and shifting after construction, installation can still be tricky.

Installing prehung doors incorrectly will result in problems with the door itself. Some will drag on the ground, often on the side of the door farthest from the hinges, while others may not close and sit flush with the frame. Other doors installed incorrectly may not line up with the existing locations for hinges and handles, creating a real problem.

Lack of Adjustments

All prehung doors come fitted for the frame. Exteriors doors, especially more ornate or elaborate doors with sidelights and transoms, will typically arrive in the frame while interior doors are broken down and packaged separately.

The frame slides into the existing rough opening, but you will need to adjust the frame itself to be perfectly square within the rough opening. This is an essential step and one which is critical to the final swing of the door.

It the door frame is off by just a bit, or if you fail to secure the shims in place, they can wiggle and move over time. With constant opening and closing, the prehung doors and their frames can easily move out of being in the right place, resulting in problems.

Size and Weight

For external prehung doors, in particular, the size and weight of the doors can make this much more than a one-person job. If you aren’t familiar with the process you may find you are required to move and adjust the door and frame a lot more, resulting in an increasing risk of something scratching or damaging your brand new door.

A contractor or carpenter will have the experience and the expertise to install any prehung doors, sidelights and transom styles you order. By hiring this professional, you also have the peace of mind in knowing the trim, both on the inside and outside, will be completed, and the door frame sealed, protecting your investment from any possible damage.

Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. ships all external prehung doors as complete units, with interior doors broken down for easier packing. To see more go to or follow us on Google+.

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