Reasons To Consider Humorous Keynote Speakers

If you are like most companies, you want to bring in some humor, make people see the fun side of work, and help them be more creative and productive. In this regard, you may find it a benefit to hire humorous keynote speakers for your events or meetings, to help bring home what you’re trying to say in a funny and memorable way. There are many reasons to consider a speaker of this sort, which will make everyone happier.

Reduce Stress

Laughter has been proven to reduce the emotional and physical stress that people feel in their daily lives, whether it is work-related or not. Because laughter exercises the physical muscles in the abdomen, it can help release endorphins to make you feel better and allow you to relax a little more. Whether you like cute pictures sent via email or a clean joke, you need more laughter at work.

Improve Environment

Whether you like to plan your fun or do it spontaneously, you’ll find an improved environment with more laughter and fun in your day. While you can automatically create fun in the workplace efficiently, you may want to schedule humorous keynote speakers for your next conference or meeting to ensure that people are taken by surprise at the fun you provide.

Connect Others

Humor can enhance relationships, both personal and work-related. Therefore, it is important to get people that you work with to laugh. Whether you are in an office with cubicles or have an open floor-plan, try some laughter at work to get people to connect and start building working relationships. Sales people understand that one of their best tools is laughter, both with other salespeople and with their customers.

More Productive

It is a known fact that employees that are happy and content will be more productive throughout their day. While incentives such as cash and prizes can help, most professionals would prefer a happy, positive work environment that allows them to be themselves and laugh when the mood strikes.

Be More Creative

When people are free to let their creative juices flow, they will think more outside the box, which can lead to more profitable results. Laughter spawns creativity, because it reduces stress, improves the environment where they are working and allows them to be more productive and creative.

Humorous keynote speakers are there to help you reduce stress during a big change or can directly help your staff be more creative and productive. Visit Doug Dvorak, CSP to learn how he can help.

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