Questions to Ask When Comparing Event Centers in Fort Wayne, IN

When the time comes to compare event centers in Fort Wayne IN, certain questions need to be asked. It is best to prepare this list of questions before visiting a venue to ensure none are overlooked during the process. Following are some that should be asked of every facility visited to help narrow the potential venues.

• How much will it cost to book the center? In addition to asking for the overall fee, event planners need to know about any deposits required, whether a payment plan is offered and what the center’s cancellation policy is. In the event the center has to cancel for any reason, how much time are they required to provide and what monies will be refunded in this situation? Many overlook this question, yet is is an important one to ask.

• What catering costs will be charged? Some choose to use an independent caterer and an additional fee may be charged for doing so. In addition, event planners need to know if they will be required to bring in their own wait staff or if the facility will provide one.

• In the event equipment needs to be brought in, the event planner needs to know about logistics. Does the facility have a freight elevator for this purpose? Is there a way to store these items so they aren’t seen by guests? Questions such as this become of great importance on the day of the event. The planner does not want to find extra staff members need to be called in to transport equipment, as they overlooked these questions.

• Parking needs to be of concern for any event. Speak to the event center to determine parking accommodations. In addition, it’s best to ask about public transportation options, as some guests may choose to take advantage of mass transit or a cab when attending a function.

Browse our website to learn more about our Event Centers in Fort Wayne IN. Although our specialty is off-site catering for events of every size, we work with clients to find the accommodations they need for their function. We understand planning an event is a strenuous task and will do everything we can to make the process easier. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your event special from start to finish.

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