Questions to Ask a Dash Cluster Repair Company

Before you pick your dash cluster repair company, you will want to ask them specific questions and know the answers they should provide. You will be paying money to repair your dash cluster, so it is important that the company has warranties, assures it is fixed correctly and more.


Whenever you select a company, you need assurance that the dash cluster will be fixed the very first time so you don’t need to make return trips and pay more. Typically, six or seven gauges will be checked for proper function. Ask the company how long they have been doing dash cluster repairs and that they check everything and fix everything that requires fixing.


This is where most people falter. They don’t think they should ask about cost because it makes them seem greedy or just interested in a deal. However, not all repair companies are the same and some offer poor service and great prices. Typically, a dash cluster repair will cost anywhere from $79 to over $250, depending on all that is wrong with it. Don’t always go for the lowest price and don’t consider cost only when choosing a company and you will likely get great service and fair pricing.


Every dash cluster repair company should offer some sort of warranty, but be wary if a lifetime warranty is offered. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is offering false promises, but the cluster could outlive the company, which would void your warranty. A brand new cluster usually has a one-year warranty, so this is a typical time frame and is considered a good deal.


Free shipping should be included on all parts. This means that the parts should be shipped to the store free and that if your items must be shipped to the parts store or to your home, it should be free.


You will likely be required to ship your dash cluster to the repair and rebuild shop. Many of these companies are a single person that works out of a home garage or basement. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad, but you want to ask the company how much experience they have fixing dash clusters. A great question is to ask how many clusters they repair each year, but also ask about your specific model. This gives you a good indication of how much they can do and how experienced they are.

Dash cluster repair is often a better option than buying a new one, but consider your company carefully. Choose D & D Instruments for your rebuild needs.

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