Protecting Your Business with Business Insurance in CT

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Insurance

Insurance plays a major role in protecting many aspects of a person’s life. There is auto insurance to protect you and your vehicle when you drive. There is home owner’s insurance to cover your home, and it’s contents in case of a fire or other disaster. There is also life insurance to help protect your family if, something occurs to you. Another type of insurances that can be very beneficial is business insurance, CT. This insurance has several parts to cover many aspects of your business.


When running a business, there are many aspects that need their own special type of insurance. One of those types is liability insurance. Every business needs this type of insurance. It protects your business from financial losses due to third party damages. This can cover injuries or damages to a person that entered your place of business. This can include a fall or other incident that occurred on your business property. It can also be used to cover any damages that occurred from your product or service. These damages can be very costly. If not covered by insurance, it would have to be paid out of the money for the company. This could potentially cause financial ruin for your company.

Another type of business insurance, CT a company may need is commercial auto insurance. If your business requires vehicles, or any kind of driving to be done for business purposes, commercial auto insurance is necessary. It is very similar to the type of insurance you have on your personal car. However, it covers the additional uses and drivers that may be needed for business operations. This insurance is needed for each and every vehicle that is used for your business.

Another type of insurance that is needed for your business is worker’s compensation insurance. This type of insurance covers all of your business’s employees. This insurance can provide coverage for an employee that was injured at work. This can provide benefits to cover medical bills and loss of pay. All of these types of insurance can help to keep your business running without the worry of any risk involved. It can protect you from extreme financial costs due to an unforeseen accident. An insurance company, such as RDDK, can help you get the coverage you need. This will help keep your business going strong and safe from major financial loss.

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