The Process of Getting Lash Extensions in Round Rock, TX

If a person is tired of their short, stubby, and lackluster lashes, they no longer have to rely on mascara and fake lashes for help. Lash Extensions in Round Rock TX are quickly becoming popular with those who want their lashes to appear fuller but still look natural. The process of getting extensions is quite simple.

Before the Appointment

It’s important to properly prepare before getting Lash Extensions in Round Rock TX. Lashes need to be clean and in the best condition possible before the appointment. Stop wearing waterproof mascara several days beforehand. Failure to do so may result in the extensions not properly adhering to the lashes.

The morning of the appointment, be sure to remove any residual makeup. Oil-based makeup removers and creams should not be used, as the oils may react negatively to the glue used to attach the extensions. Do not apply eye makeup, and arrive completely barefaced.

During the Appointment

Be sure to arrive at the appointment on time. A full set of Lash Extensions in Round Rock TX takes about two hours to apply. Less time may be needed if the customer is only getting a half set. Ask beforehand how long the appointment is expected to last.

There’s not much to do during the treatment. For the majority of the session, the client will lie down on their back with their eyes closed. Clients should carefully follow any instructions and avoid opening their eyes. Consider this a time to relax.

After the Appointment

Once the lash extensions have been applied, it’s important to follow all post-procedure instructions. Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar recommends keeping the lashes dry for at least four to six hours after application. Swimming, facials, and saunas should also be avoided during this time.

Always avoid oil-based cleansers and eye creams when wearing extensions. They may decrease the lifespan of the lashes. Keep touching to a minimum, and never pull on the lashes. Since extensions are attached to natural lashes, they will fall out during the client’s normal lash shedding cycle.

Lash extensions are a fun way to add drama to a person’s natural lashes. They come in many different styles, depending on the client’s preference for length, color, and girth. If you want head-turning lashes, consider giving extensions a try.

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