Preserve Sweet Memories with a Custom Chocolate Bar

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Shopping

If you’re looking for a unique party favor that will bring a smile to your guests or commemorate a big day, consider a custom chocolate bar. They’re easily portable, able to be preserved and will bring a smile to the lips of all of your guests, whether they eat them later or not. Chocolate lends a hint of humor to any event and is the perfect way to celebrate sweet memories in the making.

For the Wedding

The right company will be able to craft a custom chocolate bar with an imprinted design of whatever you choose. This can be as simple as a couple’s name and the date they marry or as complicated as a portrait of them standing together. Wrappers can also be customized to commemorate the bride and groom.

The package is a simple, fun way to celebrate that guests can enjoy in the moment or easily save for the future. Because chocolate stores well and takes up little room, a custom chocolate bar makes the perfect wedding party favor. It’s a small gift that will leave your guests smiling.

For the Birthday

Milestone birthdays require a bang. First birthdays, 80th birthdays or just a fun way to say, “Hey, I Finally Turned 40!” chocolate brings out the kid in everyone. A high-quality custom chocolate bar product will allow you to print pictures and text on the candy itself and on the wrapper. Your options are limitless with the right program.

Costs can be considerably less than you would expect. To print a design on a candy bar usually requires bulk orders of a few hundred pieces. Choosing black and white print for the candy wrapping helps keep your costs low. It is, however, a fun and surprising way to celebrate someone’s birthday and leaves truly personal mementos behind that can be saved and enjoyed.

Whether you’re planning for a wedding, a birthday or another big celebration, a custom chocolate bar provides a unique way to preserve your memories. This option isn’t often undertaken, because it isn’t well known and seems as though it would be terribly expensive. While it is a small investment, the memories make it worthwhile.

Food and parties often go hand-in-hand. Treat your guests to a silly surprise they can snack on now or save for later. Whatever they choose, it’s a simple party favor that will provide sweet memories forever.

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