PPC in Canada Advertising Can Propel Your Business Growth Effectively

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Internet Marketing

Are you interested in looking into PPC in Canada for your business? Pay per click is one way to advertise online through the use of keyword bidding and targeted advertisements that drive traffic to your website. An experienced SEO company can set up a PPC campaign for your business from beginning to end and take care of the maintenance in between.

What is involved in a PPC campaign?

If you are thinking of PPC in Canada, then you are probably a Canadian business owner who has a website and a product that you want to share with fellow Canadians. You will need to think about your business and brand and the message that you want to deliver to your audience. An experienced SEO company can find the right keywords that will attract buying customers to your website.

Every PPC campaign starts with keyword research because keywords are the lifeblood of any PPC ad. After a list of keywords is created those keywords must be bid on, meaning that you must agree to pay a certain amount of money each time the keyword comes up in a search and leads to someone clicking on your ad.

A PPC campaign is not something that can be set up and forgotten about. Quite the contrary, this campaign must be constantly monitored and should be set up with a split test situation so that two ads exist and it will be easy to see which ad converts better. Landing pages are another important part of PPC advertising because they should be directly related to the campaign and the keywords that are used in the campaign.

If a visitor clicks on your PPC ad and expects to see blue widgets on your website, then that is what they need to see upon landing at your website. If your ads are not targeted and you do not use the right keywords then you are going to waste a lot of money and your PPC advertising can become very expensive quite quickly.

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