Points to Consider When Searching For A Criminal Lawyer in Essex

It often comes as a surprise to many people when they learn any attorney, regardless of his current area of practice, can defend them in a court of law. However, what everyone should know is although a lawyer can legally defend them, it doesn’t necessary mean they should. After all, if you are charged with a felony crime with a possible jail term looming, would you really want a tax attorney handling your future? Just as you not would want a pediatrician handling your heart surgery, you shouldn’t have just any attorney handle your criminal case in court.

When looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Essex, it’s important to make sure the focus of his practice is on criminal cases, keeping in mind even within the genre of criminal law, there are many sub-areas where your lawyer may have the majority of his experience. If you’ve been charged with embezzling, for example, you wouldn’t want to hire a criminal lawyer in Essex who makes the majority of his income off of defending drunk drivers. Instead, it’s important to question the attorney during your initial consultation meeting about the types of cases he primarily works. While yes, you want to have a lawyer with experience in your area, you also don’t want one who takes on too many cases of the same, creating an assembly line in work. The last thing you want to be to the attorney is just another number. The lawyer should treat you with consideration, compassion and personalized attention.

Assuming you have several recommendations for a criminal lawyer, your best hope when choosing one is to see them in action, before you meet with them. If possible, arrange to watch the attorney in court before you hire them. This gives you an idea of their defending skills. When you meet for your consultation, inquire about the number of their cases which actually go to court, versus settling out of court. You want to find a lawyer who has a good mixture of both.

It is certainly a stressful time when you’ve been charged with a crime and there’s definitely pressure to find an attorney and get the ball rolling on your defense, but don’t be hasty in your decision. Take the time to research attorneys such as Seigel, Tully and Furrer LLC to find the best one for your unfortunate situation.

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