The Plumbers in Westchester NY will be Able to Remove Any Sewer Line Blockage

If you live in an older NY home, you may have a sewer line made of clay or cast iron. These lines will begin to crack and breakup and leave you with a clogged line. Tree roots can travel 100 feet to find a way into the line and then the roots will form a clog. Then one day a line blockage will form which stops anything from passing through. Browse website for more details.

This is when your nightmare occurs because the line will back-up into your home through the toilet or elsewhere. This could all be prevented by a sewer line inspection. Professional Plumbers in Westchester have the capability of running a mini-cam into the line and finding the blockage. This device will send back a clear picture of the problem and also the condition of the sewer line walls. It will show cracks and busted line pieces.

The immediate problem of the blockage can be solved by running a high pressure water jet nozzle with cutting blades traveling at a high RPM through the line and into the roots. This device will chew the blockage up very quickly and send it down to the main city line. The Plumbers in Westchester are very familiar with this equipment.

The clay pipe pieces may also be cut up by the high water pressure, but it is unlikely to do anything to cast iron. However, this problem indicates you need to replace the entire sewer line or a section. This can be done by a trench-less method which saves your yard from being torn up. It may be necessary to replace the line completely, and this would require trenching the yard. Of course, anything is better than chasing sewage down the hall.

The sewer line should be examined yearly if you are living in an older home and less often if your home is newer. This process will save you money over time and it will let you know if grease and other debris is building up. Check the other drains in the home too. They may be building up to be a problem also. Ask Cassidy Plumbing if you should use a liquid drain cleaner. These cleaners can cause a problem with some pipe materials.

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