Planning Your Funeral with the Local Funeral Home in Federal Way, WA

The loss of a loved one is never easy especially when their last wishes aren’t clearly spelled out. Thus, it is important to plan ahead so that all of your wishes for your burial are carried. Here are some items that you really need to discuss with the funeral home when planning out your last wishes.

One of the things to discuss with the Local Funeral Home in Federal Way WA is the location of your burial plot in the cemetery. If you want a specific spot near a tree or want to be buried next to other loved ones, you need to discuss how you can get this location. If you don’t want to be buried in the ground, you should check out options for spaces in the mausoleum. It is important to reserve spaces especially if you plan on having other family members nearby.

Another thing to discuss is the method of burial. There are basically two options. You can be embalmed or cremated. You need to document your preference in your burial instructions and with the Local Funeral Home in Federal Way WA because family members may feel differently about how they want you buried. Putting your wishes in writing will help ensure that your voice is still heard after you are gone.

You should also discuss what type of remembrance ceremony that you want. This includes writing down any special items you want included in the ceremony. If you have any person that you want to say a word about your life, you should inform that person. You can pick out items like pictures ahead of time that can be included in a display. If you don’t want flowers or would prefer donations to certain charities in remembrance, you should include notes about charity donations after you death.

While planning a funeral is nothing anybody wants to do, it is necessary if you have a specific way in which you want to be buried. If you don’t state your wishes while you are alive, your loved ones will make the decisions for you. For more information on planning your funeral, check out

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