Picking The Right Moving Company

Picking the right moving company is a challenge. On the one hand, you don’t want to overpay when there are low-cost options available. And yet, you don’t want to pick just any company to move your valuables. There are dozens of appliance, furniture, and antique movers in Chicago. Here’s some things to consider as you make your choice.

Familiar With the City or Town?

Does your moving company know your city or town? Are they familiar with the short turns, the one-way streets, and the parking laws for getting your items into their truck? A company that has been in Chicago for many years (or movers who have at least lived there) may have an advantage over an out-of-town mover. A local will know the best hours to park, move belongings, and unload.

How Long In Business?

Every new company deserves a chance to prove themselves. But the owners and movers should come with an impeccable background. Otherwise, consider the moving company that has a track record of successful moves and happy clients. Another perk of a long-standing company is that they often provide temporary storage for your items if you need time between moving out and moving in.

Antique or Valuables Specialty?

Not all moving companies can claim to specialize in moving older furniture, clocks, mirrors or other valuable antique items. When you’re discussing terms with your short list of movers, ask if they are antique movers in Chicago. Do they know safe packing and loading procedures for antiques?

You don’t want to trust your possessions to just any movers. When you’re ready to move into your new Chicago home, contact the folks at Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. They will offer a free moving estimate, and address all your questions and concerns.

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