Classy and Elegant Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls are hand made shawls, woven and embroidered in Kashmir. These shawls are made out of Pashmina goat’s wool, which is found in Himalayas. The wool which is shed by Pashmina goat during spring is used to make these shawls.

The wool used to make this shawls is used by the Pashmina goats to protect themselves in Himalayas at an altitude above 12,000 feet. Hence, this is one of the warmest wools found in India. Apart from being warm, Pashmina is soft and light-weighted. It can be easily dyed in various colors. Some of these qualities of Pashmina have made it extremely popular with the fashion world. The elegant and classy look of Pashmina has attracted designers to use it in different accessories. Various kinds of scarves, shawls and wrap-ups are made of Pashmina are made by designers.

Rare Beauty

Each Pashmina goat sheds only 3-6 ounces of wool per year making it rare and expensive. Looking at the qualities of this wool, the demand is continuously increasing. To meet the increasing demands of customers, Pashmina goats are now commercially reared. The wool produced by the commercially reared goats is of the same quality, but less expensive.

It doesn’t take much to look after your Pashmina shawls. Just soak your shawls in lukewarm water for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it well before drying. Creases are not a problem with these shawls so ironing is not at all an issue.

There are many shawls sold in the market at high prices under the name of Pashmina shawls. You must beware of such fake materials and buy pure Pashmina shawls only.

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