Paper Wasps a Pest in Pittsburgh!

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a beautiful spring day in Pittsburgh, only to have your deck, porch, or backyard swarming with stinging insects. The first stinging nuisance that typically makes its appearance in the spring is the paper wasp. These insects are readily recognized by their rather thin dark wings and the angled droop of their spindly legs. With these insects gathering and buzzing around your yard or garden, it’s time to think of paper wasps extermination in Pittsburgh, PA.

Paper wasps aren’t typically aggressive away from their nest. However, these insects make their home anywhere sheltered enough from the elements. Their nests can be found under decks, in attic eaves, or even around porch ceilings and columns.

Paper wasps are highly aggressive to any “threats” to their nest, and though their sting isn’t typically problematic, their venom is quite potent and potentially deadly to people with bee and wasp allergies. Small children and pets are typically drawn to flying insects of any kind, and stinging insects will react to defend themselves from a threat. Wasps and hornets, unlike their bee cousins, do not lose their stinger on contact, making them an even worse nuisance because they will attack a perceived threat multiple times.

The Bee Man is available to help! Specializing in insect nest removal and yard treatment, we are a great source for paper wasps extermination in Pittsburgh, PA!

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