Oral Surgery in Short Hills, NJ Corrects Problems and Abnormalities

Sometimes a visit to the dentist may result in the discovery of a serious problem. Wisdom teeth that need to be removed, the necessity for dental implants, a TMJ disorder, chronic tooth grinding, sleep apnea or snoring may all require the need for Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ. Dr. Philip R. Geron, D.M.D. is a skilled oral surgeon who practices at Westfield Oral Surgery. He handles the needs dental patients in the Westfield, Cranford and Summit, New Jersey area. Dr. Geron combines both holistic and modern methods for the best in oral and maxillofacial care.

When a patient has a condition that requires oral surgery, it’s important that he consult with an oral surgeon as soon as possible to discuss the options. The surgeon will review the diagnosis and set up an individualized comprehensive treatment plan for the patient. In most cases, the earlier a problem is attended to, the easier it is to resolve. For example, wisdom teeth usually come in between the ages of 17-21. Since they are nonfunctional, most dentists recommend removing them before the roots fully develop and fuse with the bone. Wisdom teeth that do not break through the gums are referred to as impacted. An impacted tooth may assume an abnormal position. Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth is a more complicated procedure than a wisdom tooth that has erupted through the gum. The longer a patient puts off having his wisdom teeth removed, the more difficult the extraction will be.

A missing tooth can leave an unsightly gap in a person’s smile. The surrounding teeth may shift, trying to compensate for the void. An oral surgeon can provide a permanent solution with the use of dental implants. A dental implant is positioned in the mouth where the natural root used to be. The surgeon will secure a metal post in the spot, which will act as a new root. After allowing the new root time to fuse with the bone to gain strength, the surgeon will attach a crown to it. This new tooth will look and act just like a real one. An implant can restore a person’s confidence, while being undetectable to others.

Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ, can eliminate pain in the mouth and correct abnormalities requiring care. If a procedure is recommended by a dentist, early intervention will make the healing process faster and easier for the patient.

Westfield Oral Surgery

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