Do you Need a Social Security Attorney in Kansas City?

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Legal

If you are applying for disability in Kansas City, you may wonder if you should speak with a Social Security attorney in Kansas City. An attorney can benefit you through the entire process. However, many of those who file claims choose to do so on their own at first. This is up to you of course. However, you should understand that the forms are detailed and involved. You will have to answer questions about your medical condition of course. If you feel that this will be a problem for you, it may be wise to speak to an attorney from the very beginning.

Once your application is received, you will have to await a decision as to whether or not, you are approved or denied. The approval process can be long. It is common to wait months for a decision. You can help things along by speaking to your doctors and ensuring that they provide requested information in a timely manner.

You will receive a letter in the mail once a decision has been reached. If you receive a denial, you will likely want to speak to a Social Security attorney in Kansas City. Do not delay in speaking to an attorney, as there are strict regulations as to how long you have to file and appeal. This information will come along with your denial letter, be sure to read through the letter carefully, so you are aware of the date.

Speak to a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases. Most lawyers offer a free consultation so that you can discuss your case. A lawyer will be able to help you with your appeal. He or she will be better equipped to help you win the appeal. Lawyers who specialize in these cases almost always work on a contingency basis. This means that you do not have to pay any money up front. You will only be charged if and when your case is settled in your favor. Your lawyer will explain how much the fee ahead of time. The cost is generally a portion of what your award will be. Visit the website to read more.

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