Do you need Sales Training Speakers or Sales Training?

If you are facing challenges with your sales team you might be leaning towards having someone come in and offer them support or training. However you have to decide what your team really needs, sales training speakers or actual sales training. Here is a comparison of the two to help you hire the right professional:

Sales Training
Sales training is the process of offering material driven lessons to improve performance. Sales training can be used as a standard process for new hires, but is also often required to enhance the skills of your current team members. Common sales training courses will include:

* Training in preferred methodologies
* Specifics to your business such as the use of certain technology
* Brand awareness and product specific training
* Role playing and interaction designed to practice sales techniques
* Appropriate behavior
* How to close deals
* How to prepare for pitches
* How to perform cold calls

You get the picture: Sales training focuses on sales skills and techniques to get the job done.

Sales Training Speakers

Sales training speakers are not there to teach a lesson. Instead they are there to address a team and set them on the right course for success. They use motivation and persuasion to overcome morale and attitude issues brought on by common sales challenges such as:

* Coping with rejection
* Remaining focused
* Confidence building
* Overcoming objections
* Disenchantment with the product

A Sales Training Speaker will remind sales teams about the importance of continuing to believe in the perceived value of their product and even offers a little bit of good old fashioned hand holding to nurture and reassure a disenchanted sales team. The sales training speaker will help to rejuvenate dulled senses and re-enforce the importance of passion and enthusiasm in sales. They will bring back spirit and insist on re-engaging sales teams so they are ready to face their challenges head on. Sales training speakers focus on bringing back the magic and use a high energy approach to breathe new life into poor morale and negative attitudes.

As you can see the sales trainer is there to offer hands on, practical lessons that can be applied to enhance sales performance and assist with the everyday sales approach. Sales training speakers provide the motivation and confidence building required to jump start morale in a team of sales people who have lost their passion.

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