Need Helical Pulldown Piles in Mississippi?

Before you even know if you need a helical pulldown pile in Mississippi, you’d probably like to know what one is and what it does. A quick answer would be that if you have a house that has an exposed, failing, and/or crumbling foundation, you are likely in need of a helical pulldown pile. The longer answer is that it is a support system made of steel and lead designed to shift the load of the foundation and home to more stable soil, by boring in to the ground and using a system of anchors and brackets for stabilization. Once the system is in place, repair work can begin, or in some cases, the entire home can be lifted and moved to a new, more suitable location.

If you have noticed that portions of the foundation of your home have begun to crumble or crack apart, or that lower portions have become exposed, it’s time to have an expert come to assess your situation. In cases like these, it is possible that your foundation has become unstable or is even beginning to fail. This is a dangerous situation, as you are running the risk of having a portion of your house collapse. Repair work should be made immediately. If repair work cannot be made right away either due to soil conditions, weather conditions, the current condition of the foundation, or for financial reasons, you should strongly consider having helical piles installed under the endangered portions of the foundation. This will keep it stable and safe until repair work can begin. A helical pulldown pile has a supportive lifespan of over two hundred years, so this should give you plenty of time to make arrangements for repair work.

If repair work cannot be made, but you have had helical piles installed, your house is safe to reside in. Most piles are able to support about one hundred thousand pounds each. That’s a pretty impressive feat for a shaft of steel with an anchor attached to it. Helical piles are also not a new concept. It is documented that they were invented around the year 1720 in England. And during the 1800’s, they were also used to support lighthouses. These were generally installed by hand, because, well, it was the 1800’s and they didn’t have the types of handy machinery we have today. Helical pulldown piles in Mississippi are also currently used as general practice to support commercial and industrial structures, as well as support under newly constructed homes, giving all remarkably stable and secure foundations.

So, if the foundation is literally crumbling out from under your home, look for the nearest helical pulldown pile installer in Mississippi right away. They are an affordable an extremely effective way to get an unstable situation under control quickly.

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