Need Garage Door Spring Repair in Plant City, FL.?

The springs that control the opening and closing of your garage door can be extremely dangerous. They are under extremely high tension which is necessary for them to be able to provide the power necessary to lift such a heavy door. However, this high tension requires special tools for adjustment, and even with those tools and a trained professional, the garage door can still prove dangerous to even the most adept tech performing service on garage door springs in Plant City, FL.

In Plant City, a maintenance worker was killed while trying to repair a garage door. Prior to the incident, the worker had serviced multiple overhead doors. However, according to his co-worker, the deceased man had never had specific training on installing or maintaining garage doors or garage door springs in Plant City, FL. The report of the subsequent investigation indicates that there was a problem with the torsion springs on the garage door which may have contributed to the dangerous situation. The point is that garage door springs can be extremely dangerous even for someone who has had experience in working with them. Unless someone has had specific training on the installation and repair of garage door springs, they should not risk trying to deal with them.

Care should also be taken to keep any objects clear of the springs. Because the springs wind and unwind in the opening and closing of the garage door, they must be free of anything that could get caught in them. Not every homeowner keeps the garage in pristine condition. Often boxes, sports equipment, tools, and other items get stacked against walls, tossed into piles, and generally thrown willy-nilly. Fishing poles, skis, and other long objects can easily get caught in springs, causing either the springs or the entire garage door mechanism to malfunction. Removing the caught items can cause the same safety hazards as novice repairs or installation. Keeping the springs clear of any objects will ensure the safety of everyone in your family.

Finally, even when the garage door springs are clear of items, have been installed correctly, and appear to be in good working order, the best thing for anyone who will be in the garage to do is to stay clear of any moving parts, including the springs, when the garage door is opening or closing. As was previously mentioned, the springs are under extreme tension. While this is a good thing when it comes to opening and closing the door, it is not such a good thing if the spring should break. Flying parts from broken springs have caused serious injury and even death. Therefore, do not stand right under springs when they are moving and take special care that children and pets are never near moving garage door springs. Get in touch with Discount Garage Doors Inc. for more details.

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