When Do You Need A Criminal Child Lawyer?

Depending upon the situation, a child criminal lawyer in Long Island may be called upon to represent the interests of a juvenile or child in both criminal and civil proceedings. To do this, the lawyer requires specific insight into the law as it applies to minors as it is different than adult law. In both civil and criminal juvenile law the lawyer requires knowledge in all aspects of family law as well as juvenile criminal law.

Over and above an intimate knowledge of the justice system as it applies to juveniles, the attorney may be best suited if he or she has some knowledge of psychology and social work. Often, the litigant in these cases is a young teenager and the case is fraught with emotion and the lawyer may find that it is necessary to settle down the teen in these situations where tension reigns. Many attorneys who handle juvenile law have formed relationships with social workers and members of the court and law enforcement, thus it is always in the interest of the juvenile to have a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of juvenile case law.

Just as in cases involving adults, the child has a right to an attorney. Of course, in many cases the parent will arrange for the child criminal lawyer in Long Island but in other cases the court may appoint an attorney when the child or the family is of limited means.

The same lawyer can also represent the juvenile in civil matters; it does not necessarily have to be a criminal case. A juvenile lawyer may be appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the child if he or she is caught in the middle of a contentious divorce where there is the potential of the child suffering some kind of physical or emotional trauma.

A juvenile lawyer may also represent the best interests of a child in matters of family law. If, for whatever reason, a government agency is attempting to remove a child from the home and place them in a foster home then a lawyer may be called upon to make sure the juvenile’s interest are looked after and gets the best possible result.

In the event a juvenile gets in trouble with the law there will be the need for a child criminal lawyer in Long Island. You are invited to contact Larry McCord & Associates, LLC if this is your case.Save

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