Metal or Wood Stairs in Newport Beach: Which one Should you Choose?

When it comes to choosing a construction material for stairs, many people tend to either choose wood because it is less expensive or metal because of its durability. However, there are many more aspects to take into consideration. While modern homes are typically using metal staircases, traditional or vintage homeowners prefer to go with wood stairs in Newport Beach. Consider both types before you make a final choice.

Advantages of Metal Stairs

Durability and long life span are probably the biggest advantages of metal staircases. The most popular metals used in staircases are aluminum and stainless steel. These two metals are extremely resistant and will last twice as long as other metals like iron or bronze. Metal staircases can resist great stress and are able to withstand earthquakes, fires and tornadoes. The variety of designs is almost limitless.

Metal staircases aren’t easily damaged or dented. Steel, iron and aluminum staircases are well able to last a lifetime and beyond. Metals can withstand vibrations pretty well. Also, because metal is such a versatile material, it can be welded into a plethora of designs. Spiral, straight or curved metal staircases offer a limitless array of designs to choose from.

Advantages of Wood Stairs

Wood Stairs in Newport Beach are much more affordable than metal ones. This allows you to choose whatever design you wish without being restricted or constrained by budget. A wooden staircase is a beautiful addition to any home, adding a naturally warm look to your indoor living space. Wood is extremely comfortable to feel and warm, being considered much more welcoming than metal. Additionally, wood can absorb noise better than metal. Thus, less noise is generated when walking up and down the stairs. Wood stairs in Newport Beach are also cheaper to maintain than metal ones because you don’t need to apply a coating of patina in order to preserve their appearance.

If you choose to go with wood stairs in Newport Beach, you also need to find a reputable and experienced contractor. One of the most highly recommended in Orange County is William’s Wood Works, Inc. The characteristics of this professional contractor are integrity, honesty, craftsmanship and experience. You simply can’t go wrong when you combine those traits.



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