Managing Disability Claims Successfully – Social Security Bedford PA Services and Their Role in Having a Case Approved

If you live in the Bedford area and you are considering filing a disability claim or you are already in the appeal phase with the Social Security, Bedford PA legal services can assist you with tiring and often confusing process.

You can use the services of these experts to help you with the initial phase of submitting your first application, or you can turn to them at a later phase – either way, having a good social security Bedford PA lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to obtaining benefits.

Defining the roadmap. When contacting the selected lawyer for the first time, you will have to schedule a meeting with the attorney to present your case. It is recommended that you take all your documents with you so that the attorney can determine whether he or she is willing to take your case. If the attorney accepts your case, you can decide on the next step to be taken on common accord.

Preparing your file. Your social security Bedford PA lawyer will assist you in every phase of the application or the appeal, including the compilation of your file. You will probably need to sign a medical privacy release in which you give your attorney access to your medical records that are otherwise confidential. Your lawyer will review these records and will determine whether you need to undergo any further medical testing or consultative examination and will also schedule these tests if necessary. Based on the evidence gathered, the lawyer will put together your file and fill out the forms for you, then submit your claim.

Preparations for the hearing. If your initial application has been denied, one possible course of action is to request a hearing. Your attorney plays an important role in preparing you and your witnesses for the questions that may be asked during the hearing. Some of these questions will refer to your physical condition, your medication and your current social security status, while others may be related to your lifestyle or education, and you will have to be prepared to answer uncomfortable questions as well.

Arguing your case during the appeal. Social security lawyers can help you even if your claim was denied after the hearing. In this situation, your attorney will proceed by trying to determine whether the Administrative Law Judge made any kind of error when making the decision, and then by proving this error in front of an Appeals Council or, if your case is denied at this level as well, at the US District Court.

Social security Bedford PA services can assist you through a very demanding and stressful period of your life. Having a good lawyer will relieve you of the stress of having to read through complicated legal documents and can provide you guidance all the way to getting your claim approved.

Social Security Bedford PA – J. Kirk Kling is a social security legal expert with more than 20 years of experience in handling disability claims.

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