Making The Most Of Tabletop Trade Show Displays

At conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions and even for display in various public or private settings tabletop trade show displays are a small sized way to provide a lot of information.

These displays are perfect for sparking interest and curiosity and getting attendees to the event to come over to learn more about what you are offering. Creating the right background that gives the information to pique that interest is the biggest challenge for most exhibitors.

Not a Portable Bulletin Board

While you may want to create a collage or a grouping of images on tabletop trade show displays this can create confusion and a cluttered look to your presentation. Instead, try to focus in on a theme or a single message that is related to your products, services or company and then provide the details in brochures, pamphlets or giveaway packages at your table.

When using multiple images to get the message across you may want to consider a multi-paneled option. This provides different sections or areas of the tabletop trade show displays for different features of a single product or to market a variety of products and services.

Adding Elements

Bringing originality to tabletop trade show displays with curved backgrounds, overhead lighting, amazingly eye-catching graphics and even the colors that you choose can turn these smaller display modules into true marketing elements.

Overhead LED lights that clip to the top of the display allow you to focus in on the essential elements of your message. It also helps to identify your display from the surrounding vendors and exhibitors.

Matching or coordinating your tabletop trade show displays with a custom designed table throw complete with company colors and branding will help to reinforce your presence for the attendees. You may also want to consider adding literature racks to flank your table area and display different information that you want attendees to take away from the exhibit while leaving your table top area free for displays or samples.

While tabletop trade show displays are certainly smaller than large trade show booths and displays, they can be very effective for smaller fairs, exhibitor areas and specialized types of events. Choosing them for style, features and options will allow you to send a message about your products and services even with the smaller surface size.

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