What to Look for When Inspecting Chimney Caps in Bergen County NJ

Homeowners know that Chimney Caps in Bergen County NJ are not there just for decoration, even though some caps are somewhat ornate. Those caps perform the valuable function of keeping animals and other things out of the chimney, while ensuring that smoke can escape from the chimney efficiently. In order to make sure the cap is functioning as it should, it pays to inspect it now and again to see if there is any need for repairs.

Checking the Integrity of the Materials

Chimney Caps in Bergen County NJ can be made from a variety of materials. Some caps are made of metal, such as steel, tin, or aluminum. Others are made using concrete or some other type of masonry. Whatever the choice of materials, it pays to see if the constant exposure to wind and rain has caused the cap to weaken. During the inspection, it never hurts to see if the structure has sustained any damage from animals attempting to gain entry to the home. When and as the cap materials are found to be damaged or deteriorating, it pays to replace them immediately. Metal caps are normally held in place with a series of screws, making it easy to get rid of the old one and install a new one without a lot of trouble. With masonry caps, it will be necessary to dismantle the old cap and then build a new one using fresh materials.

Looking for Signs of Animal Activity

Depending on the design of the cap, there is a chance that birds may try to make a nest inside. Look down into the chimney to see if anything seems to be lodged in the space. If so, have the nest removed and place it in a nearby tree. While some types of birds will abandon a nest that is touched by humans, others will continue to make use of it in the new location. For homeowners who want to know more about the upkeep on a chimney cap, click here. Doing so will go a long way in ensuring the cap provides all the benefits it was designed to provide, and ensure that changes are made before the rest of the chimney can be adversely affected.

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