Locating the Catering for your Function

There are many reasons why someone might be looking to hire a catering hall in Long Island. For instance, couples looking to get married and have their reception, families looking for catering and a location to have a reunion or party, engagement parties, business functions and many other reasons for a fun get-together. There are probably handfuls of locations within the general vicinity or spitting distance that might have all the correct criteria you are looking for but one will likely stand out in comparison to the rest.

Setting your Criteria

Price is usually a huge consideration regardless of how much your budget might be. Always get a price comparison and make a short list of the top five properties you are intending to consider as the final option. Call around and get exact quotes from each of the five and then whittle it down to the top three. Making that kind of decision will help you to finalize your choices and make the right decision based on the locations amenities, functions, gardens and accessibility.

The type of function you are planning to conduct could ultimately have the biggest impact the final choice of venue that you make. For instance, if you are planning a wedding you are more than likely going to favor a location with beautiful gardens or surrounding landscape that would be perfect for the photographs. Outdoor venues always tend to benefit from weddings simply because they have the outdoor facilities to assist with taking memorable and beautiful photographs within a naturally idyllic setting.

Indoor facilities are also vitally important, especially if you are having a large gathering of many people. Weddings usually tend to involve large amounts of guests and therefore it is important that the venue you choose has the right capacity to seat and cater for all your guests without it being too tight a squeeze. Many venues have limits for legal reasons, so when you have worked out the exact amount of guests you intend to invite, make sure that you have written confirmation that the venue you finally choose will agree to accommodate all of them.

Other facilities might be hotel facilities, where your guests can stay overnight, huge function rooms for business conferences, a vast menu and excellently catered food, a bar and many other indoor facilities, such as a swimming pool or gym.

Contact the Swan Club for information on their catering hall in Long Island and information about the grounds and the club.Save

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