Did You Know a Criminal Law Attorney in Miamisburg OH Can Help You Minimize Your Sentence?

Many arrests occur when the police have sufficient evidence to ensure the person is convicted. If a person is not able to avoid a conviction because of the evidence against them, it is still possible for them to avoid the maximum sentence for the charges they’re facing. To do this, they’re going to want to make sure they contact a Criminal Law Attorney in Miamisburg OH as quickly as possible.

Possible Sentences After a Conviction

The sentence a person faces will depend on the crime they’re accused of. Felony convictions lead to more severe sentences. Sentences can include jail time, fines, mandatory therapy or other types of assistance, or community service. Judges may have a minimum guideline to follow and will have a maximum sentence they can give to the convicted person.

Minimizing the Possible Sentence

It is possible for a person to get help to minimize the sentence they’re facing. They may be able to convince the judge to offer the smallest sentence possible instead of the largest one. They may also be able to avoid going to jail. If they’re facing a significant amount of time in jail, for instance, their lawyer might be able to convince a judge to let them enter a treatment program instead of going to jail.

This can be much better as it enables them to get the help they need. It can also be a shorter sentence and easier for the person to handle. They might, however, have restrictions stating that they will complete their sentence in jail if they do not complete the treatment program.

Working With a Lawyer

Any arrested person has the chance to work with a lawyer for their case. If the lawyer cannot prevent a conviction, they will then work on minimizing the sentence the person is facing. This can help the arrested person avoid a lengthy jail term or help them to get the treatment they need to avoid being arrested again.

If you’ve been arrested and you’re facing a conviction with a lengthy sentence, take the time to speak with a Criminal Law Attorney in Miamisburg OH now. Find more information on a lawyer’s website to learn more about the sentences you might be facing and how a lawyer can help you minimize your sentence if you’re convicted.

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