Keep Serving Cool Soft Drinks with the Help of a Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser

In some restaurants, drinks are a mere afterthought. Your restaurant needs to be different if you want to stand up against the competition. This is why a refrigerated beverage dispenser is popular in modern eateries: It allows you treat your eatery’s drinks with the same level of attention and passion you do with your establishment’s other edible offerings. As well, if desired, you can set up these dispensers so that your customers can serve themselves to their favorite soda or juice.

Drop-in Dispensers
One basic type of refrigerated beverage dispenser is the ice-cooled dispenser. This device, also known as a drop-in dispenser or an ice bin cold plate unit, features an ice bin beneath the dispenser. In some cases, the ice bin remains separated from the dispenser altogether. These dispenser models are particularly useful in food establishments or concession booths where the server plans to pour soft drinks for customers rather than allowing customers to serve themselves.

Additional Information
The drop-in dispenser is recommended if you are trying to keep the dirty hands of customers from contaminating your ice bin, in line with health regulations. This is how the dispenser works: Its ice bin features a cold plate that is built in and will keep your soda water as well as your syrup lines cool when it is filled with ice. The term “drop-in” refers to the ice bin’s characteristic flange that makes it possible for it to be placed in a countertop hole or in a cabinet that stands alone. These beverage dispensers come in different sizes and can be used for both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, such as juice.

A top-of-the-line refrigerated beverage dispenser is available with several valves and features a stainless steel construction. The cold plate’s drain should come with a strainer to prevent issues with ice blockage. A highly rated dispenser furthermore will include a removable splash plate as well as drip plate for effortless cleaning. You can even choose to add splash guards to your device to keep it clean. The right dispenser will make it easier for you to serve customers the high-quality soft drinks and juice drinks they desire.

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