Why Jogging May Be Running You Into The Office Of A Chicago Podiatrist

Many people enjoy jogging as a great way to stay in shape and feel better about themselves, but if you enjoy minimalist or natural running, you could find that you have a lot of pain in your feet and back. This may lead you to visit a Chicago podiatrist for help with your foot problems. Most people aren’t sure how to handle barefoot running, though they enjoy it, and there are certain myths that make it even more confusing.


Many people who run barefoot find they develop stress fractures in the foot. While there are studies that prove stress fractures are prominent, many times, the reason behind the fracture is not that you are running barefoot. In fact, most people do not transition from a brisk walk to a run properly, which can cause a problem. You need to start walking at a normal gait, speed up your walking for a few minutes and then perform light jogging for a few minutes until you are can run full out. You may want to talk with a Chicago podiatrist prior to starting a new jogging routine.

Flat Feet

Though most people have been told they cannot run with or without shoes if they have flat feet, this is usually untrue. Because running without shoes is usually achieved by landing first on the mid or forefoot and then moving to the heel, the height of your arches is irrelevant.


Most people think they cannot run if they are overweight. While it can cause you more discomfort on your joints and be more difficult to breathe, large people can run without shoes. As long as you land on your forefoot and then move to the heel, you should be okay. However, it is important to get checked out by a doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough for running. Those with joint problems or arthritis in their knees may not be able to run, no matter what their weight.

Bad Knees

Bad knees can cause you a lot of pain if you run and it is important to listen to your body when starting a new exercise routine. You may try walking for 10 minutes and a light jog for two or three minutes and continue building until you can run a full routine.

A Chicago podiatrist is available to help you when you have foot trouble. While running and other exercise can cause these problems, there are ways to exercise properly. If you do have a foot problem, visit Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare today to schedule an appointment.

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