Invisalign in Rockville Can Give You Straight Teeth With Less Fuss

Not everyone was lucky enough to grow up in a family that could afford braces. If your teeth aren’t as straight as you would like, but you made it to adulthood without getting them fixed, you probably feel like you’re stuck. After all, what adult wants to go through a couple of years wearing the shiney metal braces that most people associate strongly with awkward adolescence. If you want to get those results without the obvious apparatus on your teeth, though, dentists have come up with a way to do it. At your next appointment, you should ask about getting Invisalign Rockville.

The underlying concept behind Invisalign is very much the same as what braces are intended to do. Both approaches to straightening teeth rely on the fact that our teeth can be moved around in our mouths by pressure. If you apply slight pressure to a tooth over an extended period of time, it’ll shift in the direction that it is being pushed. When this is done in a deliberate way, it can move a tooth that is out of place into a position that is better aligned with its peers.

Where braces do this by actually attaching a device to the teeth, Invisalign Rockville does it through the use of specially molded trays that you wear in your mouth. They sit around your teeth and are specifically designed for your mouth so that they will apply pressure in exactly the right ways. Since you can’t adjust them as braces would need to be, you have to get a replacement every few weeks to keep making progress until you are happy with the final result.

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In the meantime, though, the experience of using this project is much more comfortable than having braces. You don’t have to fuss around trying to get your teeth brushed. Eating isn’t a struggle. This is because you can just pop it out whenever it would be in the way. This also means that you can take it out when you have to do something like an important business presentation. That way, you can speak normally and without feeling self-conscious. It’s really the best solution for an adult who wants to get a better smile without having to go through a long phase of attracting unwanted attention first.

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