Integrated Telecommunications Networks – Newton, KS

Telecommunications no longer consists of limited options, especially for businesses. The technology behind voice and data communications is increasingly integrated. A business no longer has to rely on two separate vendors to install traditional voice and internet services. Companies such as Communications Technology Associates Inc. provide full telecommunications service in Newton KS.

To transfer data and voice transmissions, a company needs a network. Many organizations use an internal network, but also rely on other network cabling maintained by city and state governments. A network consists of multiple CAT5e or CAT6 cabling, fiber optics, routers, switches, servers and phone systems. Voice over internet protocol or VOIP is a popular way to integrate both phone and data capabilities using the same network and its equipment. With VOIP, voice calls are transmitted over the company’s internet connection, eliminating the need for traditional phone service.

The advantages of combining phone and data communications into one network include operational efficiency and reduced expenses for long distance. Network security is a concern by many providers of computer networking and telecommunications services in Newton KS. Data encryption, firewalls, web content filtering and the installation of anti-virus software are common ways to prevent security breaches. Password and access level management through server operating system features such as Windows Active Directory are other common defenses.

Companies specializing in the setup and support of telecommunications and computer networking infrastructures monitor local area and wide area networks for suspicious activity. Suspicious software and services, such as malware components or compromised e-mail accounts, can threaten the security of a company’s network. Companies that do not have an internal information technology department or have the specialized knowledge of computer networks need a third-party vendor to handle these tasks. A full-service provider, such as CTA, can not only setup network infrastructure but repair PC desktop hardware.

Telecommunication networks give companies the ability to communicate, both internally and externally. As the majority of business operations demands the need for telephone and internet capabilities, organizations must build adequate and secure networks. This includes making sure the network has the correct design, bandwidth capacity and equipment components. If one piece of the network goes down or is sub par, the entire organization and its customers suffer. Companies that specialize in networking help navigate and maintain the complex minefields of engineering, security, capacity, equipment and ongoing maintenance needs.

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