Injuries and Illnesses That Qualify for Emergency Dental Care in South Loop

Most dental practices offer appointments for patients during the regular workweek business hours. After your dentist’s office closes Friday afternoon, you assume that you cannot make contact or get help with dental problems until Monday morning.

However, a growing number of dentists now offer emergency after-hours services for patients who have critical oral health needs. You can see your emergency dentist in South Loop if your dental concern meets the outlined criteria for urgent dental care.

Broken or Knocked Out Front Teeth

If you suffer an injury to your face that breaks or knocks out your front teeth, you could qualify for after-hours services from your emergency dentist in South Loop. If you want the teeth to be salvaged, you have to act quickly in order to protect their nerve endings and roots. Your dentist might be able to reconnect the teeth to your gums if you are seen within a matter of hours after the accident.

Even if your teeth cannot be saved, you could still need stitches in your gums. This level of care prevents infection from getting inside of the gum and causing abscesses in the surrounding teeth.

Abscess Care

If you develop an abscess during the weekend or overnight hours, your dentist could see you on an emergency basis. An abscess can travel quickly to other parts of your body. The infection can get into your spinal fluid and travel to your brain.

Your dentist may not perform a root canal or pull the affected tooth during afterhours. However, he or she could prescribe you an antibiotic that will kill the infection and allow you to bide your time for a few days before you can undergo a root canal.

You can find out more about emergency dental services online. Contact at South Loop Dental Specialists to learn more.

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