Information on TMJ in Grove City PA

The TMJ joint (temporomandibular joint) is the hinge joint located in your mouth. This joint is responsible for opening and closing your jaws. Since this joint does a lot of work, opening and closing hundreds of times a day, it can eventually begin to wear down and cause you pain. If you are experiencing TMJ in Grove City PA problems, it can help to see your dentist. There are many different treatment options for this disorder and many people are able to see results without the need for invasive surgery. This information will assist you in knowing the warning signs of TMJD and how the condition can be treated.

What are the Signs You Have TMJD?

* Pain in the jaw is one of the most common signs. Your jaw may ache or have sharp pains.

* Clicking and popping in the jaw can occur when you open your mouth. Most people hear this noise when they open widely to yawn.

* Jaw stiffness is common in TMJD. If you feel your jaw does not want to fully open, you could have the disorder.

* Earaches are also a sign of the disorder. Ear pain often accompanies TMJD, since the joint is located right at the ears.

If you have these symptoms, you will need to see your dentist about TMJ in Grove City PA. The dentist will first take X-rays and examine you, to see what is causing your pain. Some people experience TMJD because they are unconsciously clenching their jaw muscles or grinding their teeth at night. If this is the reason for your pain, you can have a special dental tray created to wear at night. This will protect your teeth from grinding.

For TMJ in Grove City PA treatments, you can also learn relaxation techniques. This can help you to learn to stop clenching the muscles in your jaw. In severe cases, the dentist may recommend surgery, to correct the jaw function.

If you are experiencing the signs of TMJ in Grove City PA problems, Grove City PA and learn how they can assist you with your pain. They will work to find the cause of your TMJD and help you to overcome it.

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