Industrial Piping – What It Is and Where to Go

Oil country tubular goods (also known as OCTG) is a classification of seamless rolled products which is made up of drill pipe, casing, and tubing which are subjected to loading conditions in accordance with their specific applications.

Drill pipe is heavy, seamless tubing made for the sole purpose of rotating the drill bit and circulating the drilling fluid. The drill pipe must be made of hardy and durable material, as it is subjected to a lot of abuse, such as high torque, axial tension, and internal pressure. Furthermore, having to alternate between being loads as a result of various types of drilling can put strain on the pipe, emphasizing the fact that strong material is of the utmost importance.

In addition to drill piping, OCTG also includes casing pipe. Casing pipe is what lines the borehole. This is why it is imperative that, while selecting the pipe, one must ensure the total load is well within the recommended ultimate breaking load for the borehole. Just like drill piping, casing pipe must be hardy and able to withstand a lot of stress. It is subjected to the same type of axial tension and internal pressure, but is also dealt a lot of external pressure which comes from the surrounding rock formations. Casing piping is also particularly predisposed to axial tension and internal pressure by the pumped oil or gas emulsion.

Finally, tubing is what transports oil or gas from the wellbore. The pipe segments of tubing are usually around 30 feet long with a threaded connection on both ends. Corrosion resistance is extremely important to OCTG, especially when it comes to tubing and casing. When selecting a company from which to buy industrial piping, it is imperative to ensure the workers and staff have knowledge of all of the OCTG manufacturing processes.

The typical OCTG manufacturing processes generally do not allow the thermo mechanical processing which is necessary for the strip and plate products used for oil pipes, among others. This is why high-strength, seamless pipe, especially oil pipes, must be produced by increasing the alloying content in combination with a suitable heat treatment. Such treatments for oil pipes include quench and tempering treatments.

Meeting even the most basic requirement of large oil pipe wall thickness requires the ability to harden proficiently. Alloying elements are used to produce hardenability in the typical heat-treatable steel. However, the requirement for good sulphide stress cracking resistance tends to limit their use. A company must understand how to negate such limitations. A company which does this will have the best oil pipes and other forms for OCTG which one would need for industrial workings. Kelly Pipe Co., LLC is the highest recommended for this job.

Having been in business since 1989, Kelly Pipe Co., LLC is one of the largest distributors of steel pipe in the world. Sizeable, diverse inventories and sales offices spread throughout the U.S. and other countries means the Kelly Pipe brand is a widely recognized and respected one. It goes has no competition as the master distributor of line pipe and standard pipe.

The domestic and imported carbon steel pipe, which is stocked from prominent sources worldwide, are available in all sizes, weights, and grades. Black and galvanized to seamless and electric welded, Kelly Pipe has it all. Their product line also includes industrial plastic pipe, lined steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, and pipe fittings. Combine their inventory of products with the wide variety of value-added services, such as saw-cutting, threading, roller grooving, and blasting, and it’s easy to see why Kelly Pipe Co., LLC is the only place one needs to go to for all industrial piping needs.

Kelly Pipe Co., LLC also has major OCTG available, as well as the line pipe group division. As the leading OCTG pipe supplier, Kelly Pipe is your best option in the Oil and Gas industry.

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