Incidents That Cause Windshield Damage and the Importance of Auto Glass Service

Windshields can become chipped, cracked or broken through a broad range of incidents. A facility such as Harmon Auto Glass in Saint Paul, MN can typically fill chips and stop them from turning into cracks. Tiny cracks can sometimes be stopped from spreading further. Larger cracks call for windshield replacement, as they reduce the safety of the vehicle in various ways.

A long crack might interfere with visibility. Even if it doesn’t currently do so, the flaw might suddenly spread into the driver’s line of sight while traveling down a highway. In addition, if the car is ever in a serious accident, the windshield is supposed to provide some protection for people inside and help keep the upper part of the vehicle rigid. A windshield that is already damaged may shatter or pop out during this type of impact and allow the upper front frame to collapse. This is extremely dangerous in a head-on collision or if the car rolls over. Not only could the frame collapse, but the airbags might not fully deploy. For example, the passenger-side airbag is designed to hit the windshield before expanding.

Obviously, a windshield that has broken into many cracks or has shattered into tiny pieces must be replaced promptly. A car isn’t considered roadworthy in this condition. Click here for information on an auto glass repair shop that offers mobile service when appropriate. In some cases, however, the glass should be replaced at the facility.

A facility such as Harmon Auto Glass in Saint Paul, MN can do the work no matter what caused the problem. Chips can occur if some gravel or another debris is flung from a heavy truck on the highway as a car follows, for example. Large spiderweb cracks usually occur because of impacts from bigger objects, such as baseballs and golf balls. A severe hailstorm also can break a windshield. Some individuals have to get the auto glass replaced because of vandalism or a vehicle collision. If the owner’s insurance policy does not cover repair work for auto body damage, the driver will still need to get the windshield replaced.

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